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Tropic Seas Spas 751B Kona

Price Too Low To Show Our everyday spa prices are too low to advertise. Please contact us for details. Lowest Tropic Seas Spa prices on the east coast.

Quick Specs:

  • Made in USA by May Manufacturing
  • Ozonator
  • 84″ x 84″ x 36″h
  • 2 x 5HP Pumps
  • 51 Stainless Steel Jets
  • 7 Seats
  • DynaStar LED Lighting
  • 12″ Tranquility Fall
  • Neck Jets & Collar Pillow
  • Treated Wood Frame w/ ABS Bottom

6 Seats


84″ x 84″ x 36″H (213 cm x 213 cm x 91 cm)

Water Capacity

375 US gal / 1419 liters

Dry Weight

730 lb / 331 kg empty


(2) 4.8BHP Pumps

Ozone & AOP� Water Purification

Ozone purification comes standard on all Tropic Seas Spas. Ozone provides powerful and natural water treatment, allowing you to use fewer chemicals in your spa. The AOP� Water Purification system is an optional add on that kills contaminants naturally allowing you to further reduce the chemicals used in your spas water. The AOP� system combines both UV and Ozone in a special mixing chamber to maximize exposure, resulting in clean and purified spa water.

Helix Jet Design

The innovative helix jet design provides superior hydrotherapy. By creating small turbine like channels in the jets, water is forced out in a spiral pattern. Even the simplest jets in a Tropic Seas Spa feel like a vigorous massage.

DynaStar LED Lighting

Tropic Seas� DynaStar LED lighting illuminates the water all around the spa using three small and one large LED light that are placed below the waterline. DynaStar LED�s also illuminate the air control and diverter valves as well as the 12″ Tranquility Fall.

12″ Tranquility Fall

The Tranquility Fall resembles a real waterfall with water falling from a small basin above the filter area, emitting a soothing sound and creating a relaxing environment. The Tranquility Fall also serves as a unique way to hide the filter area from view.

Neck Jets & Collar Pillow

Treat yourself to the ultimate neck massage. Using the innovative helix jets as well as reverse molding in the shell, the Neck Jets in Tropic Seas Spas are pointed directly at pinpoint areas. Melt away stress and tension in your neck and shoulders in an instant.

ArcticPac Insulation, ABS Bottom Pan & Kingwood Cabinets

ArcticPac Insulation comes standard in all Tropic Seas, the system features a thin layer of high insulating foam on the spas shell and plumbing parts as well as a reflective insulation lined on the interior cabinet. The ABS Bottom Pan protects the base of the spa from the elements while also sealing the cabinet tightly, keeping in the radiant heat and keeping out moisture and critters.

Made in the USA

Tropic Seas Spas are built by May Manufacturing, a large hot tub manufacturer and the maker of many popular spa brands across the world. They are based in Las Vegas, NV and all hot tubs are manufactured right here in the USA.

Natural Sanitizing:

  • AOP� Water Purification (Ozone + UV)
  • Crystal AOP� (Ozone + UV + Mixing Chamber)
  • Crystal AOP� ProPure (Ozone + UV + Mixing Chamber + 24 hr Circ Pump + Spa Minerals)
  • Nature2 Cartidge w/ Spa Minerals
  • NEW* Smart-Chlor @ease� In-Line System:
    • The Inline SmartChlor system features interchangeable Chlorine and Mineral cartridges that are periodically changed monthly and quarterly. The SmartChlor system takes out the guess work of chemicals, eliminating all daily or weekly maintenance and maintaining monthly instead.


  • Bluetooth� Music System � 4 x Speakers & Subwoofer
    • 2 x Patio Speakers (Cabinet)


  • Full Foam Option
  • Upgraded ProGuard 5″-3″ Cover


  • Dual Foot Blasters

Tropic Seas Spas by May Manufacturing feature a comprehensive warranty with NO pro-rations or fees EVER. 3 Year Parts, Labor, Plumbing & Electrical / 3 Year Surface / Lifetime Structure Warranty and 1 Year Cabinet. Our service department is available every day of the week to answer your questions and provide you with warranty service. Not only are you covered by the best warranty but every warranty claim goes through Hydro Dynamic Pools, saving you the hassle of talking with any manufacturers or filing any paperwork.

Our everyday spa prices are too low to advertise. Please contact us for details. Lowest Tropic Seas Spa prices on the east coast.

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